Hong Kong Food Culture Series – Wetlands in Four Seasons – Winter Walking Tour

Hong Kong Food Culture Series – Wetlands in Four Seasons – Winter Walking Tour

For those of you who don’t know there are several ongoing initiatives here at Hong Kong Sacred Spaces. One of these initiatives is to delve into the research around Hong Kong Wetlands and Food Culture. Think of all the yummy oyster sauces and dried shrimp pastes that we have here and you’ll get the idea of how important these coastal areas are. Most of this research was provided (very generously) by Professor Sydney Cheung, an Anthropologist from Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and a local expert on Hong Kong Wetland Culture, who literally wrote the book (actually several) on the subject. Part of what he passed on to us is a series of walks that he and his students developed to allow Hong Kongers to enjoy the fertile northern wetlands from the perspective of the four seasons. These wetlands are now mostly a source of leisure but for generations, they were a source of food and shelter and their maintenance an important part of everyday life. As a “first-step” in this engagement, we’ll start off the New Year right with a local walk which we’ll uncreatively call: Winter that will get us up to Yuen Long and start to explore the region. We’ll specifically keep an eye on seasonal details and try to document the changes that we see. I’m also working with Prof. Cheung to develop events specifically around Soy Fermentation and Oyster Farming so they’ll be lots to look forward to. Spring, Summer, and Autumn will be scheduled in the weeks and months ahead. I’ve created a bilingual resource page for you all to peruse at your leisure.







Hong Kong Food Culture Series – Winter Wetlands Walk – Scouting Notes

Wetlands Walk – Winter

To help make things a little easier for everyone I’m posting details from my scouting trip to the Yuen Long Wetlands related to Hong Kong Sacred Spaces’s upcoming winter wetlands walk.  If you’re interesting coming along you can find the RSVP details here.

Yuen Long MTR Station, Exit G1

We’ll gather in this open space just inside the Yuen Long  MTR Station, Exit G1 to take attendance and create our trip “teams” or smaller groups of members to make travel on the final bus trip easier.  We’ll then be taking the Fairview Park Coach NR 93 (Trip fare is $6.80 as of 6 January 2018) to the very FIRST stop at Fairview Park.  The ride should take about 20 minutes.

First Fairview Park Coach Bus Stop

Look for the Esso Station across the street.

We’ll then exit Fairview Park and take a right on the next access road that we come across.  There is a Florist on the corner that looks like this…


…and there is also a Hardware Store on the opposite side of the road.

Hardware Store

After a 5 minute walk, we’ll come upon a sign for Tai Sang Wai Village which is our main destination.  Take a RIGHT at the fork.

Tai Sang Wai Sign

After another 5 to 10 minutes we’ll come to the Village.  It is important to note that on this portion of the walk the small road is VERY CONGESTED with heavy tracker-trailers and lorries EVERYWHERE so caution is a MUST.  After that, however, you’ll see this…

Tai Sang Wai Fishpond
Tai Sang Wai Fishpond

When we’re finished I would suggest that most people pick up the number 36 green minibus BEFORE we head to the main road as the GMB is likely to fill up quickly.  For those who don’t want to wait you can take walk back to Fairview Park to take the Coach to Yuen Long MTR.  If you do take GMB 36 remember that it stops at Sun Yuen Long Centre at the foot of a pedestrian flyover to YOHO Mall and therefor Yuen Long MTR Station.  The signs for the MTR are there but not easy to see from the road so keep an eye out and made sure you get off.

GMB 36