Two or Three Things I Know About Qipao, and the Women Who Brought It to Life

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“Two or Three Things I Know About Qipao, and the Women Who Brought It to Life” – Priscilla Chan Exhibit Curator

In order to help Hong Kong Sacred Spaces members learn more about the classic Qipao / Cheongsam ( 長衫) and have some background information before attending our upcoming visit to the Hong Kong Film Archive’s Exhibit “The Stars, the Silver Screen, and the Qipao“, I am creating a series of posts that will act as a resource for further study.  Some of the articles like the one below will be a summary of the exhibit and of the curatorial and preservation work done for it while others will be slightly more in-depth and academic.  My hope is to have some workable resource pages for those who wish to study Qipao in the future. The following article is from the most recent Hong Kong Film Archives monthly newsletter.  I encourage you to read this bilingual newsletter as HKFA has proven itself to be one of the most impressive cultural organizations in Hong Kong covering not only Chinese Cinema but many other ancillary arts like costume design.

Images and text from the Hong Kong Film Archive

Visit “The Stars, the Silver Screen and the Period Wardrobe” Exhibit

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Movies have always been one of Hong Kong’s BEST exports. Year in and year out Hong Kong Cinema has produced some of the most enduring images of life in this City.  Cantonese Opera films have been critical to that success.   Whether you’re a local who has memories of watching The Flower Princess 帝女花 or The Purple Hairpin 紫釵記 on a rainy Saturday afternoon or a visitor who’s seen Cantonese Opera’s influence in modern film, Cantonese Opera is a foundational part of the performing arts in Hong Kong.

The exhibit “The Stars, the Silver Screen and the Period Wardrobe” at the Hong Kong Film Archive falls nicely within this space.  Exhibiting eighteen selected costumes from different eras in Hong Kong’s film history, this exhibit covers much of the classical Cantonese-Opera-on-Film period as well as more modern films that draws much inspiration from those early cinematic efforts.

Whether you’re into movies, history, fashion or just a good exhibit, you shouldn’t miss this gem.

Costumes on display include:

The exhibit is being held at the Hong Kong Film Archive in Sai Wan Ho 西灣河, Hong Kong.     香港 Sacred Spaces Society is hosting a visit to the Archive on Saturday, July 15, 2017, at 10:00 AM.  If you’re in Hong Kong and are interested in coming along, please RSVP here.

Images from HK LCSD website.